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What You Need to Know at Open Enrollment this Year and Avoid Overpaying for your Health Insurance

Where do I Start?

It’s easy. You can access the new 2020 Individual and Group options directly at: CLICK HERE.   Or, if you prefer to talk directly with an expert,  call Reggie Conley at: 916.421.1194 or email at: [email protected]

Reggie has been serving individuals and business owners with their health insurance needs for over 20 years and she has a gift in making the complicated seem simple and easy

What will pricing and the subsidies be like in 2020?

Subsidies that reduce premiums are available to individuals who earn between $12,490 to $49,960, except in California, which has expanded premium subsidy eligibility to as much as 600% of the federal poverty guideline from 400%, to include more people. 

Some people who buy on federal and state exchanges are also eligible for assistance with their out-of-pocket  costs. People who aren’t eligible for subsidies will pay the full premium costs.   

Consumers should pay attention to deductibles because they have risen in both the employer and individual markets. ACA plans cap the amount of out-of-pocket spending at $8,150 per person.

What about other options? Is it worth shopping around?

Yes. It is always worth comparing plans and there are several new plans and new rules in place that can either save you money and or cost you money.

Because 20 more insurers will participate in states using the federal exchange, there will be more options that provide more savings.

Individuals who don’t go back and sign up will be automatically re-enrolled for coverage next year. Individuals can also purchase lower-cost plans that don’t comply with the Affordable Care Act consumer protections, although some states ban or restrict such plans.

The Bottom Line

New plans for Families and Individuals. More Options for California Business Owners and New Savings opportunities for smart shoppers.

Don’t overpay and get stuck in the same plan if there are more affordable choices and plans that can offer you and your family better coverage. We suggest that you contact an expert and don’t attempt to navigate the health care maze on your own. Contact Reggie Conley at 916.421.1194 or email at: [email protected] you will be glad you did!

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