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Discover What Small Business Owners Need To Know About The CARES Act

If you are a business owner, we encourage you to check out the business resources released from The US Senate. To date, this is one of the most helpful guides we have found.

You can access the report directly at; CLICK HERE

Additional Free Resources:

Pam Drouin – Payroll Consultant specializing in consulting with and advising business owners on how to manage your payroll challenges and how to best save time and money processing your payroll.

Kevin Leipsic – Business Insurance Specialist helping business owners discover how to avoid paying your broker fees for any of your business insurance policies that are renewing during this crisis.

Dawn Delmonico – Merchant Services Advisor that can show you the available options to avoid paying unnecessary fees that you may be paying if you take credit cards in your business.

Jeff Glass – Marketing Consultant with the background and experience in helping business owners navigate their most effective marketing options during challenging times.

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